Primary Care
Primary Care

Health Benefits Plan Guidelines

Each managed care plan has its own rules and regulations for both physicians and patients, but the following general guidelines apply when you choose First Care as your Primary Care Provider:

Urgent Problems:

When you choose a First Care physician or First Care as your primary care physician, you may visit any First Care physician at any First Care center at any time for urgent problems. Please note that with some select insurance companies First Care participates as an urgent care provider only.

Emergency Care:

If you feel you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room or dial 911. If you feel you need to visit a hospital emergency room for any other reason between 8am and 8pm, please speak in advance with a First Care physician on duty at your center of record. Between 8pm and 8am, please contact the center for pre-recorded instructions on how to reach the after-hours, on-call First Care physician to request an immediate emergency referral. The First Care physician may authorize a referral or may advise you to be seen at First Care promptly the next morning.


In general, you must be evaluated by a First Care physician for any problem before you will be referred to a specialist. Please consult your insurance plan for exceptions to this rule.